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Water Filling Machine

It is a kind of professional and multifunctional filling machine for water, which includes washing, filling & capping. Based on the importing & assimilating the foreign advance technologies , it's the perfect selection to a water factory due to its reasonable configuration, security operation, dependability running and easy maintenance. It has several Models No. - MTF14-12-5,MTF16-16-6,MTF24-24-8,MTF32-32-8,MTF40-40-10,MTF50-50-12

Water Filling Machines usually are mostly work by an electric powerplant that may be consists of eccentric inhibits the place that the cylinders are usually fitted. This cylinders are manufactured from stringent elements such as the SS 304 plus Teflon that is certainly sure to end up being sturdy. The particular excellent materials that includes supplies that Filling machine a good outer floor.

Model No. MTF14-12-5 MTF16-16-6 MTF24-24-8 MTF32-32-8 MTF40-40-10 MTF50-50-12
Capacity (500ml) 4000BPH 7000BPH 12000BPH 15000BPH 20000BPH 24000BPH
Capacity (1500ml) 2000BPH 3000BPH 5000BPH 7000BPH 9000BPH 12000BPH
Rinsing station 14 16 24 32 40 50
Filling station 12 16 24 32 40 50
Capping station 5 6 8 8 10 12