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Ozone Generator for Swimming Pool, Cooling tower, Water treatment, Bottled water etc.
Ranges start from: 2.5g/hr to 100g/hr

Drinking Water Waste Water Industrial Applications
Destruction of bacteria and viruses Cyanide destruction Cooling towers
Oxidation of iron and manganese Ground water PETrochemical oxidation Chilled water treatment
Heavy metal precipitation Heavy metal precipitation Laundry waste water recycling
Colour destruction Oxidation of organic waste Odor elimination
Taste improvement Mining effluent treatment  
Algea and Protozoa destruction Pulp & Paper effluents  
Hardness reduction Pesticide, herbicide and insecticide elimination  
Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans climination Biological waste oxidation and precipitation  
  Secondary treatment for municipal waste water  
  Mining heavy metal precipitation  
Food Processing Electronic Application  
Bottling mineral water treatment Demonized water treatment  
Air sterilisation for packaging plants TOC control  
Food storage (potatoes - fruits - grains) Photo resist dry etching application  
Discoloring agent for sugar processing Silicone water adhesion promoter  
  Thin film metal oxidation  
  Ozone catalytic ashing  

The Ultimate Air Purifier Air Ozoniser With the next generation ozone technology. To disinfect, deodorize, sterilize and purify air as nature does in the stratosphere
S.S. Unit of 1 to 10 g/hr

SS Ozanator up to 50g/hr
SS Ozonator upto 100 G/Hr
Air Ozone Mark III
Air Ozone Mark V
Air Ozone