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Labeling Machine

Linear Self Adhesive Labellers
The range of labelling machines and labelling systems offered by MTL covers a wide range of applications, in semi-automatic and automatic linear solutions. Very compact, the machines are conceived to be easy to run, taking into account the human factor in the process of a packaging line. On the automatic models, offer the memorisation of the labelling parameters allowing quick changes of labelling runs from one product to another, and this without additional tools. In order to ensure easiness and reliability, the machines are conceived with the most simple and practical solutions, and built with high quality components.

Equipments general introduction
This machine massively has used the aluminum alloy and high strength, the anti-corrosive stainless steel, causes the machine over all overhead construction firmer durable, in the machine performance the modulation, the human nature design causes each adjustment easier, the replacement model is simpler. Using the man-machine contact surface in the control system to control, which is easy to study and understand

A, this machine can work with the drink, the water production line together, the connection is simple;
B, the man-machine contact surface control, easy to operate, easy to study and understand, danger signal demonstrating;
C, the design of the reamer-seat is novel, just need to simply adjust the reamer-flake to be allowed to shut off the volume sign in the specification scope;
D, replacing specification fast, convenient and simple, moreover no need any special tool;
E, compulsory to wrap label, which is reliable and economical. The label thickness may reach 0.10mm;
F, reorganization of the driver of this machine is simple, to suit volume label of the different specification
Volume label material: PVC, PET,OPP, OPS
Volume label shrinker: Steam type
Operation mode: Entirely automatic control

Structure and function of the product
Main structures of the product
This machine is mainly composed by the machine-rack and adjusting the height organization
(1) thediscreteness of the reamer tray
(2) the driving delivering label organization
(3) the newel installment
(4) photo electricity switch frame discreteness
(5) the machine-rack and adjusting the height organization
(6) supplying label organization
(7) dividing the bottle screw rod organization
(8) the transportation organization
(9) brushing labels away organization
(10) lighting the bottle photo electricity switch frame
(11) the hair brush organization
(12) man-machine contact surface control box
(13) Pyro condensation stove

The Function Of Components
(1) thediscreteness of the reamer tray: setting reamer flake inside,the steel body structure of the deflexion mode, used to cut label contraction membrane;
(2) the driving delivering label organization: Using the servo electrical machinery control, causes the label contraction membrane according to the decided size transportation
(3) the new installment: making the label contraction membrane wrap the newel to open, enables the label contraction membrane be allowed to transmit and cut;
(4) photo electricity switch frame discreteness: using photo electricity switch transmit signal, supplying the signal to the control system causes the label contraction membrane to do the decided size transportation, the electric eye position can be adjusted, to determine correct cutting position of the reamer flake in the reamer tray rack;
(5) the machine-rack and adjusting the height organization: Entire machine uses high strength, the anti-corrosive stainless steel material, to support the main engine and fix transportation organization, and adjust the height of the driving supplying label organization according to the bottle height control actuation the altitude;
(6) supplying label organization: Used to fix the label contraction membrane, control the label contraction membrane the tensility of feeding, decelerate the electricity machine to press the labels then feed by the transportation hoop, which used to transmit the label contraction membrane;
(7) dividing the bottle screw rod organization: making the bottles need to wrap, to do the transportation of the decided distance by the screw rod, enable the bottles separate at the isometry, in order to help wrap the label;
(8) the transportation organization: to adjust conveyor belt speed using frequency, which is suitable for matching the speed of the energy produced by this machine, to transport the bottles;
(9) brushing labels away organization: Using the synchronization control organization, to adjust the transmission hoop with the hoop under newel to make a slight contact, when the label getting across, to make the label to project and wrap the label by rather high velocity;
(10) lighting the bottle photoelectricity switch frame: It can adjust about to induce the position of the bottle and export the signal, causes the main engine make the automatic and correct wrapping the label;
(11) the hair brush organization: to make the label of the bottle wrapped brush away then locate using the soft rubber; (12) man-machine contact surface control box: For control main center of this machine, causing each operation display page become the division for the manual, the automatic, the enactment, the surveillance and themalfunction explanation etc. In addition, assists several knobs. The button is used in other operations etc. the function.
(13) pyrocondensation stove: using the heat energy of the steam, to make the label wrapped the bottle do the contraction evenly and paste on the bottle.

Auto. Shrinking Label Sleeving Machineisbased upon the idea of the compact structure, the simple operation, convenient adjustment, designed by absorbing international advanced technology, the majority components processed and completed by using the numerical control engine bed to guarantee the size precision. The machine is installed strictly according to the document content of the equipment installment technics, the complete process of the equipment producing is tracked strictly according to the quality request, the staff engaging the installment are the senior technicians with the work experience of above ten years. And there is an engineer to follow up the entire process with work experience of above 30 years, each set of equipment leaved our company all has the strict after service-track system.

3. Gist of this scheme
All projects related to this specification are based upon below bottles: Basic bottles: (As below sketch)

The way of shrinking the label: shrinking the label by the steam
it will shrink the label paper close, solid and uniform as far as possible and maintaining the bottle body ametabolic at the greatest degree, to maintain the label paper and the bottle body the good outward appearance. The shrinking stove made of the stainless steel The shrinking label machine by the steam matched and used with Auto. Shrinkable Label Sleeving machine, regardless of the internal pipe line or the outer covering, all made of the imported high quality stainless steel, which satisfies the request of the food factory completely.

shrinking the label smooth and no rumple
The steam spout position of the shrinking label machine will be designed solely according to the product characteristic of your firm, will be able to freely adjust the direction and the current capacity, to guarantee the surface of the label paper after shrinking smooth and no rumple and the label will closely attach to the bottle body, not falling off.