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Injection Moulding Machine

MTF uses a new part cooling and handling system, which features:
1. cooling on the inner surface of the preform without using compressed air, unlike most post-mold cooling systems which only cool the outer surface.
2. Optimized cycle utilization - being mounted onthe moving platen, the cooling system remains active for up to 85% of the overall cycle, available from 280 to 500 tons (2800 to 5000 kN) andup to 96cavities.

MTF pet injectionsystems offer:
1. Faster cycles (9s)
2. Reduced energy consumption
3. Smaller footprint
4. Improved repeatability
5. Rapid set-up

1. Two state plasticizing enables plenty injection quantity
2. Take out plate with three working position insures sufficient cooling time and shorter cycle time
3. High quality parts and accessories from world famous brands enable higher speed and precision
4. Special screw design increases torque while brings down shear force to avoid degradation
5. Accumulator from world reputable manufacture increases performance while brings down power consumption
Reflex platens distribute clamp force evenly across the platen face.

Reflex platens:
1. Allow for 10-30% lower clamp tonnage
2. Decrease mold wear
3. Improve part quality

Injection Units:
1. Allow for 10-30% lower clamp tonnage
2. Decrease mold wear
3. Improve part quality

MTF-based controls manage all functions of our PET production systems, with optional packages to integrate auxiliaries and downstream part handling equipment. Advantages include:
1. Faster cycle times
2. Improved shot-to-shot repeatability
3. Remote connectivity through ServiceNetLink
4. Control of molding system and auxiliaries from a single interface

Linear Bearings
Linear bearings support the moving platen directly on the machine base. This design reduces mold wear by improving platen alignment and perpendicularity, and provides a grease free moldingenvironment.