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Carbonated Beverages and Soft Drinks

Unit Operations and Process Integration of Complete Beverage Production Lines

We the supplier of choice for complete systems and production lines for carbonated beverages and soft drinks. We recognize that your success often depend on our project management expertise and our ability to deliver optimum process integration by careful linking the different process units, control systems, and the plant automation. We take this responsibility seriously, working with the customer to produce solutions which deliver economic efficiency and seamless integration of production machinery and systems - even into existing processing plants.

• Raw (base) material reception and handling
• Granular sugar reception and storage
• Sugar dissolving
• Sugar syrup clarification and storage
• Powder dissolving and purification (for ingredients like starch and artificial sweeteners, acidifiers, thickeners, salts, preservatives, and anti-oxidants)
• Pasteurization
• Water treatment (membrane filtration, candle filters, activated carbon filtration)
• Beverage water deaeration
• Final syrup preparation
• Continuous in-line blending
• Continuous final beverage preparation
• Carbonation
• CIP (Cleaning-In-Place)
• Automation and process integration

Syrup filters MTC-300 and drink pump
Mixing Tank
Ultra-high-temperature flash sterilizer