Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

APFC or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor. We are highly specialized in manufacturing of the APFC panels which are manufactured from high quality of the raw material.

Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption. Everyone knows that how costly electricity has become in present time. APFC Panels come real handy in the achievement of this purpose Use of these control panels becomes indispensable in those industries where electrical installations are meant to supply to large electrical load.

The power factor controller monitors the reactive power which helps in saving of the energy. It is available with the capacitors which have built in protective devices for cutting of the extra power. It is in accordance of require norms and standards.

The capacitor bank is a free standing design that is both available either for indoor or outdoor application.
• The automatic power factor controller identifies the output of the capacitor stages installed and connects or disconnects them in the optimum manner as required by the actual mains condition.
• Power capacitor is complete with discharge modules that can discharge the capacitor at less than 50V in 60 seconds.
• Each step as a complete module is comprises of shock coils reactance, fuses, contactor, and capacitor with discharge module.
• Each step/complete module is front accessible that can be slide out for easy maintenance.
• Cable entry can be bottom or top entry. Removable gland plate is provided for the cable entry. Aluminum gland plate can be provided upon request for easier installation of cable gland and to provide corrosion resistance even after punching at the site.
• Bus bars are of tin-plated copper. Silver plated copper and Busbars with PVC sleeves can also be provided upon request.
• Manufactured out of Electro galvanized sheet steel with a 2.0mm thick for frames and 1.6mm thick for covers.
• All the external covers and doors are polyester powder coated with a variety of selection for the paint shade such as RAL 7035, RAL 7032, RAL 7033 and ANSI 61, other shades can be provided upon request.
• Factory routine test is conducted on each capacitor bank that is carefully inspected by QC engineer for the structure and electrical compliance with the specifications and standards.