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5 Gallon Filling Machine

5 Gallon Filling Machine is most advanced and leading technology machine, which facilitates our customers to keep the superior competition position, has been adopted in this products.

1. Stability and safety
• All electronic and pneumatic components adopting those of high-quality and well-known brand.
• All parts contacting with product water are made of AISI 316L or 304 stainless steel and anti-ozone food grade material.
• Each machine which is controlled by PLC and equipped with safety detector coordinates the whole line to run smoothly and perfectly.

2. Low running cost
• Equipped with a series of automatic machines such as disinfectant and rising solution dispenser, cap washer, central control system, palletizer, and so on, the whole bottling production line is fully automatic and needs a couple of workers only.
• For the structural design, ie. The double-layer waterfalls fitted among the different washing working places, we have already carried out some precautions to protect the mixture of different cleaning liquid, which prevents the disinfectant solution from being diluted and, therefore, it decreases the disinfectant consumption greatly.
• Either the rising solution tanks which are made of high-performance heat insulator or the fast-cycle system for high temperature rising solution drastically decrease the dissipation of heat and then reduce the operational cost.

3. Hygiene
• The outer washer, equipped with the brush that is made very fit to bottle's shape and, as a result, the body, neck and bottom of the bottle can be thoroughly cleaned with alkali liquid, disinfectant liquid and purified water, is introduced to prevent the cross-contamination caused by mixture of outer and inner cleaning solutions when using the traditional integrated monoblock for both outer and inner washing.
• For inner washer, a series of techniques, including 55°C alkali liquid washing, 85°C rinsing water washing, disinfectant liquid washing, recycled water washing, purified water washing and drain off, etc have been adopted.
• Inserting-type rotary or spherical inner sprayer inserts into bottle, carrying out a 360° cleaning in bottle without leaving dead corner. The washing points spread over any corner of the bottle in order to ensure the effect of washing.
• The automatic cap feeder and cap washer, this achieve the real sense and fully automated unmanned cleaning operations and make it possible for the cap to be cleaned and sterilized completely for the first time.

4. Reliability
• Apart from the light inspecting post, the whole line runs fully automatically and, therefore, it not only reduces the labours'workload, but prevents the potential contamination as well.
• The whole line is easy-to-operate with clear operating direction in English on the machine.
• There is a set of central control system, either by PLC or PC, which makes it possible for the whole line to be controlled from the distance and out of the clean room.

Production Line Equipment :-
1. Decapper
2. Rotary Outer Washer
3. Automatic Bottle Feeder
4. Inner Washer
5. Filler
6. Capper
7. Cap Feeder
8. Cap Washer
9. Shrinker c

Note: When output is < 900BPH, machines of No. 4,5 and 6 are combined as monoblock Patterns of 5 gallon water bottling line
Installation type options : Linear type,L type,T type,separate type
Filling type options : Linear filling type, suitable for 900BPH or less , Rotary filling type, suitable for more than 900BPH
Capacity options : 150BPH,240BPH,300BPH,450BPH,600BPH,750BPH,900BPH,1200BPH,1500BPH, 1800BPH,2400BPH,3000BPH